About Us

Have you ever try to find information about how to begin creating your own website?, maybe you have a vague idea of the process:

  • I need a name for my website
  • A computer where to put that website (host)
  • A tool to create the site

Good luck finding that information on the web without getting lost on a plethora of websites that only care about making money:

  • They will tell you that there is only one place where you should register a domain and then they won’t say anything else about domains!, how can you choose the right one then?.
  • Then they will show you some host from which they can make money if you go and follow their affiliate links.

Websites out there don’t care to explain what options you have when you choosing a host or even what hosting plans are. That’s the main reason this site exist, at HostingForNoobs we want you to find the relevant information about the steeps needed to create a website. We strive for clarity, simplicity and honesty. Our goal is that after visiting hostingfornoobs.com you have a clear idea about creating a website and know everything there is to know about it, and only then make your decisions regarding:

  • Your domain name and Registrar
  • The hosting plan that is right for you
  • Your Hosting provider
  • The tools to build your website

My name is Adan, and I’m the person behind the idea of HostingForNoobs, but I’m not alone on my journey, I have a team that help me put the whole concept together and assist me in the maintenance and  good functioning of the website. I have been developing websites since i can remember and believe me, whatever doubt or fear that you have right now I had it too, and it always frustrated me to no end that that most information out there was confusing, incomplete or simple of not help at all. My hope is that with HostingForNoobs you don’t feel the same frustration that i did and that you can find invaluable information that help you start in the wonderful journey that is to create a website.

Now that you know more about HostingForNoobs and about myself please don’t hesitate on contacting us if you need assistance or if for some reason you don’t understand some of the concepts presented here, I will be more than happy to help you and to get feedback from you, if you don’t want to use our contact forms you can still get in touch with us via social networks (bottom of the site).