Addon domain or Add on domain

When a domain is pointing to a sub-directory of another domain (a main domain) is then called an addon domain. An addon domain will share all the resources of the main domain.


The maximum amount of data that your website can use according to your web hosting provider. Data transfer will be the data actually transferred. Problem visualizing it?, here we go: the amount of chocolates that you can put inside your mouth in the same time will be your bandwidth, if you opt to put just one chocolate there, well your data transfer will be of just one chocolate.. shame on you for not taking advantage of your unlimited mouth, i mean bandwidth.

TLD or Top Level Domain

A domain that is close to the root or nameless domain.

Cloud hosting

To host your website using a network of servers, your site won’t be in just one place, it will be served from various places, usually the closest to the user who requested it.

Dedicated server or dedicated hosting

A server rented by you to host your website and your website only. No pesky neighbors to spoil the fun.

Domain Name Server or DNS

A server that knows all the secrets of the website you are trying to access. It just knows it’s real name (IP address) 🙂 Thanks to DNS we don’t have memorize long and boring numbers.

Registrant, Registrar and Registry

The actors of the movie: “I want a domain name now”. Registrant is the dude asking for a domain name, Registrar is the dude selling the domain name and Registry is the judge, the one regulating everything.

Reseller Account

A hosting plan for people that want to resell hosting.

Shared hosting or Shared server

The basic hosting plan where all the websites share the resources available on the server: a big room where everybody is fighting for space and fresh air.


A virtual domain, a facility that the owner of a main domain use to better structure his website.

Virtual Private Server or VPS

A server is divide into multiple virtual servers, and of these is assigned to you, that way you have a minimal amount of resources guaranteed, more control and more security.

Web Hosting Unlimited – Unlimited Bandwidth – Unlimited Storage

A marketing gimmick to attract customers.

Web Hosting Provider

A company that provides space (hardware) and internet connectivity so that you can host your website.